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58A Milam St, Houston, TX, 77002, USA
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58A Milam St, Houston, TX, 77002, USA
Felanitx, balears 77002
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McAfee.com/activate – The antivirus is a significant factor behind the performing efficiency of several devices. It is as important as the device’s operating system because it guards the device against severe malware and antivirus. However, the major conflict is to decide the anti-virus brand before purchasing it. This is where McAfee always appears on everyone’s mind due to its advanced specs and reliability. It not only protects the device from any malfunctioning issue but also provides several utilities through it. Users who are enduring viruses in their device, kindly visit mcafee.com/activate to resolve it instantly.

Steps to Sign-up to McAfee Account

Users have to create a McAfee account to proceed to the downloading and installation process of McAfee. It is an essential prerequisite and thus we have provided steps for the users to attain it. If you are an existing user of McAfee, then kindly skip these steps and proceed further.

Users need to visit mcafee.com/activate by inserting the following URL in the address bar of your device’s Internet browser.

McAfee website will appear where users need to find My account tab.

Now, users have to select the option of Sign-up Now to create a McAfee account.

As discussed above, if you are an existing user of McAfee, then select Sign in to continue.

Users have to fill up the required section of Sign-up’s column.

Once you have successfully inserted all the details in the required columns, then you have to keep a password for their account.

Make sure to keep a strong password.

Now, you need to keep on following the pop-up instructions of the screen until your account gets created.

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